• Magazine "Everything for dry cleaning and laundry" №1-2020

Quarterly collection of articles on cleaning and washing technology. Format - A4. Number of pages - 92. Authors: Artamonov A., Davidyan N., Parfeniev A., Logacheva G., Geints M., Zotov I., Tarasov M., Ivanova A.

Theme of the issue: comments of experts A. Parfeniev and N. Longinova about the work of laundries and dry cleaners during the coronavirus pandemic.

We present the following articles to the attention of our readers:

Parfeniev A. A., Longinova N. M. "The rules of survival of dry cleaners and laundries: kill the coronavirus and not die"

Artamonov A. E. "Processing of textile products from flock"

Tarasov M. "Features of removing dirt from exclusive carpets"

Davidyan N.A. "Dry-cleaner is your home", an interview with the head of the network of dry-cleaners and laundries "Tvoy Dom" Lyudmila Igorevna Andreeva

Ivanov A.V. "Migration of synthetic insulation fibers"

Geints M.A. “Finishing with consequences. Industrial finishing of textile materials and its influence on the result of processing in dry cleaning "

I. I. Zotov “The world after the coronavirus. New opportunities in the field of consumer services! "

Logacheva G.A. “Organization of field service. The legislative framework"

Parfeniev A.A. "Polypropylene fibers"


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Magazine "Everything for dry cleaning and laundry" №1-2020

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