• Magazine "Everything for dry cleaning and laundry" No. 1-2022

Authors: Davidyan N.N., Parfeniev A.A., Geints M.A., Artamonov A.E., Golubina A.A., Logacheva G.A.

Publisher: LLC "Albatros-media"

Number of pages - 70


Disinfection Licensing. Authors: Logacheva G.A., Davidyan N.A.

Certification of disinfection is transferred from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health to the jurisdiction of Rospotrebnadzor. What threatens dry cleaners and laundries, or is it again "a ball in the wrong gate."

Lavaggio shares experience. Author: Davidyan N.A.

There are not as many marketing-successful dry cleaning and laundry projects as we would like, which is why positive examples of promoting dry cleaning enterprises are so valuable. Anna Alenikova, the owner of Lavaggio wet cleaning in Magnitogorsk, shares her experience.

How to evaluate quality. Author: Geints M.A.

In the field of dry cleaning and laundry services, it is not enough to clean the product well, it still needs to be properly received and issued. What does a dry cleaning service consist of, how to evaluate it and what should be done to improve the quality of services?

Shrinkage from A to Z. Author: Parfeniev A. A.

The last article by Andrey Alexandrovich Parfeniev. Everyone has been waiting for her since the fall of 2021. The article collects and structured data from various GOSTs regarding the shrinkage of products after processing at dry cleaning enterprises, provides practical examples and recommendations for resolving conflict situations with customers regarding the shrinkage of products.

Ironing products made of artificial fur at dry-cleaning enterprises. Author: Artamonov A.E.

In the article, Andrey Artamonov gives his view on the technology of ironing faux fur. This technology, widespread in the Soviet period, is now a rarity. Many dry cleaners have abandoned it due to the high cost of equipment, changes in the range and tastes of the population. We had a hard time finding a dry cleaner to get illustrative material, but the desire to see for ourselves the result of fur processing on an ironing machine forced us to carry out this work (thanks to GreenCITY Moscow dry cleaner for help). We liked the result. Whether the game is worth the candle, you decide.

Seams and lines. Types of technological defects and their causes. Author: Golubina A.A.

We continue to look at seam defects on finished products to alert dry cleaners to a possible processing problem or possible overpricing of products involved in conflicts.

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Magazine "Everything for dry cleaning and laundry" No. 1-2022

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