• Magazine "Everything for dry cleaning and laundry" №3-2019

The magazine covers such issues as the processing of dry products and polyamide fiber laundry by enterprises, the features of tufting carpet cleaning, the processing of metal threads, the use of self-service laundries, washing wedding dresses, the consideration of such material characteristics as carcasses in conflicts with customers, the choice between liquid and powder detergents; automation of the workplace in the dry cleaning workshop

Authors: Davidyan N., Parfenyev A., Artamonov A., Tarasov M., Ivanova A.


"Self-service as a business." Author: Davidyan N.A.

"Processing of textile products containing metal threads." Author: Artamonov A.E.

"Washing Wedding Dresses." Authors: Goldberg A. A., Frost A. V.

"Polyester fibers." Author: Parfeniev A. A.

"Features of washing and cleaning piercing carpets." Author: Tarasov Maxim

“By tracking stuff and employees using the Agbis Mini Workplace.” Author: Davidyan N.A.

"Washing powder and / or liquid detergents." Author: Sergey Kharin

“Professional ironing: still a skating rink or a calender?” Author: Alexei Afanasyev

“Carcass, Gentlemen!” Author: A. Ivanova

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Magazine "Everything for dry cleaning and laundry" №3-2019

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